7 Passenger Crossover

The crossover cars have filled a void in the automobile segment, providing drivers with alternatives that combine the useful features of both SUVs and standard cars. These crossovers normally seat between 5-8 passengers. However, they are built to look compact and provide the excellent handling you would expect from sedans. The crossover vehicles are suitable for large families and for those needing a lot of extra space. The problem with many large family vehicles is that they are bulky and difficult to maneuver. Parking is a constant problem. The 7 passenger crossover is a revolutionary vehicle that has answered the prayers of several modern day car users. There is a huge range of crossover vehicles to select from these days. Most crossovers offering 7 passenger seating are spacious and comfortable. Some even use the available interior space ingeniously to offer a more spacious interior.

2012 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

This 7 passenger crossover comes with a sporty and beautiful exterior in addition to a luxurious interior. This is a fantastic crossover SUV for all users in the market. The price tag of approximately $28,000 for the base model is perfect for a consumer looking for the ideal 7 passenger crossover. The vehicle offers great safety features and is family-friendly with wonderful features provided in the many options that are available. The warranty package is excellent and it will encourage prospective car owners to make the purchase. Although the Pilot is not the most fuel-efficient vehicle of its class, it provides decent gas mileage of 17 mpg in city and 23 mpg on highways. The Honda Pilot is for consumers looking for ample interior space, good storage capacity, faultless safety features, a pleasant ride and spacious third row seating.

The Honda Pilot comes with a 3.5 lit V6 engine, automatic transmission and AWD. There are several new features available inside such as side-front and curtain airbags, traction control, stability control, an MP3 player and some hidden storage capabilities. Some higher end models are equipped with satellite radio and iPod ports in the interiors. Others have additional options, such as: a Bluetooth, a navigation system and a DVD player. The Honda Pilot will be a good match if you are looking for fewer features and a lower price. It is a luxury 7 passenger crossover minus the luxury prices. All the models offer excellent safety and stability features along with a smooth ride, thereby making this an extremely family-friendly vehicle. There is a lot of space for seven passengers with a third row of seating available. You can use the 7 passenger vehicle for day-to-day work as well as for long trips. It is perfect for picking up and dropping kids at school or for mums running errands.

It is the combination of the Pilot’s utility, performance and passenger carrying capacity that make it one of the most sought after 7 passenger crossovers in its category. The powerful V6 engine also offers great towing ability. The vehicle remains stable even if there are 8 passengers in it.