Best Crossover

As we all know, crossover vehicles are a combination of a minivan and an SUV (sports utility vehicle). This of course is the main advantage of having a crossover. It allows you to get the best of both worlds: the comforts of a minivan, with the advantage of off-road capabilities on rough terrain. The crossover vehicles come with 5, 7 or 9 person seating choices. However, you need to compare the number of models available that qualify as the best crossover vehicle. Take into account the following factors while comparing the crossover vehicles.

First, make a comprehensive list of features you expect from your ideal crossover vehicle. Make separate columns for every manufacturer and the various models offered by them. One of your criteria could be colors. For example, the GMC Acadia is available in 12 colors while the Saturn Vue comes only in 8. A Buick Enclave can seat 8 passengers and a Chevy Traverse will seat just 6. These things are some of the features you should note while compiling your list. For every manufacturer open a separate window and visit their official site. You can visit the GMC, Chevy, Nissan or Toyota sites and type “crossover vehicle” in their search window. After finding which companies make crossover vehicles, keep those windows open and close the rest.

Prepare a list of features and advantages using every maker’s crossover vehicles. For example, Buick Enclave offers a vehicle diagnostic system, which identifies the problem with your vehicle when there is a breakdown or some other issue. On the other hand, Chevy HHR has a great fuel efficiency system definitely better than its rivals Mazda 5 and Scion xB. You can also compare other crossover–specific details such as discounts and incentives, fuel mileage, seating capability and the price tag. A keen buyer will also check whether the vehicle has cup holders, its exterior and interior colors, storage capacity, interior space and warranty offered. The Enclave and Mazda Tribute both received 5-star crash ratings. You can read consumer reviews on internet for details as well. This is an excellent way of gathering the experiences and opinions of actual crossover users. Lastly, visit the dealers for a test drive in order to check comfort levels while driving.

2011 Ford Flex

Ford Flex

There are several contenders for the position of the best crossover of 2011. Ford Flex is one such contender. The vehicle looks like Land Rover when first seen but it is considerably less expensive. It is a high tech alternative and is also better-looking. The Flex comes with a spacious third row of seating, some powerful alternatives for the engine and a unique design. This crossover vehicle has received many awards and the base model is available at around $28,000. This crossover offers an optional eco-boost Turbo engine with power similar to a V8 engine, while obtaining the fuel efficiency of a V6. The Flex crossover offers many unbelievable options.