Best Crossovers

The crossover segment has become the most popular segment of vehicles in US. It did not even exist 20 years ago and the term “crossover” was not even used regularly until 10 years ago. A Ford analyst reported that one out of four vehicles sold in US during the year 2010 was a crossover. Mixing up the automotive types is really nothing new. Technicians, engineers and designers are constantly trying to improvise with the existing models and invent new ones. The history of crossovers goes back to 1957 when the Ford Ranchero combined the body of a sedan with the utility offered by a pickup truck. The increasing popularity of the truck-based SUVs in the mid-nineties led to car makers looking to get the same tough utility, combined with the styling and versatility of smaller vehicles. The best crossovers are equipped with AWD although they are not meant for all terrain use. Crossovers do not have separate frames and bodies. The body and frame are built into a single unit and the resulting construction is called a unibody. The crossovers are more efficient in using the available space and so, are roomier inside. They are usually lighter than SUVs, resulting in better mileage and superior handling. Due to the smaller size, they are stable at higher speeds and also take less room in a garage. There are more than 70 different models of crossovers sold in US. You can get several of these vehicles for less than $25,000. Some of the best crossovers for your family include the economical Nissan Rogue, and for luxury crossovers a good choice would be the Cadillac SRX.

2012 Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is an inexpensive crossover and belongs to the affordable, compact SUV segment. This Nissan vehicle offers decent gas mileage, a satisfying ride and an affordable price tag. The Nissan Rogue offers sleek styling, many features and decent value for the money. It also comes with ample cargo space and other innovative storage solutions. The crossover is available in various models and is equipped with a number of the latest features like a USB port and Bluetooth. The crossover is available as either FWD or AWD. The vehicle has excellent safety features-all of them being standard. The interiors of the crossover are of good quality for the price tag.

2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK

Mercedes-Benz GLK

You will find most users and reviewers raving about the performance of this crossover from Mercedes. That alone identifies it as one of the best crossover vehicles available in the market. The GLK is a crossover that belongs to the luxury compact SUV segment. You can purchase the crossover for a decent base price and it drives as smoothly as a car. It also comes with unique exterior styling. The GLK sits on a Mercedes C-Class sedan chassis. There is only one model available: it is equipped with AWD; comes with a knee airbag for the driver and has the Mbrace Telematics system, which allows the drivers to use their smart phones to look for a parking spot.