Crossover Car

You can classify a crossover car loosely into three groups. They are: full sized, mid sized and compact sized. Within these three categories, there are several different kinds of crossovers, each with various models. These options include fuel: either petrol, diesel, or hybrid, or the kind of specialization required like performance, concept or luxury. The crossovers combine SUVs with station wagons and they are easily capable of holding five, seven or more people. They also have better rear cargo space than sedans. There is no fixed definition for the crossover car although this category keeps expanding every year.

The compact crossovers are car-based vehicles rather than truck based ones. This kind of vehicle is intended for small families that require flexible cargo space and are concerned about the fuel economy that the vehicle offers. They are similar to sedans in size as well but they have much better towing abilities and are available with a 4-wheel drive. The driving position for the driver is higher than a sedan but they are not as large or rugged as SUVs and are not suitable for driving on rough terrain. Medium sized crossovers are a blend of station wagons and other small SUVs or hatchbacks. The medium sized vehicles are bought mainly in order to have a larger seating space. They have an elevated driving position but are less fuel efficient. However, the fuel mileage is better than the large SUVs. This kind of a crossover car comes with 4-wheel-drive and can handle rough terrain easily. The full sized crossovers are expected to provide an alternative to minivans and SUVs. They do not provide the fuel efficiency offered by small crossovers but can carry more than eight passengers comfortably. Interiors are more comfortable than minivans or other smaller crossovers. They are available in AWD or FWD and can easily handle off-road situations. They are obviously priced higher than the other, smaller vehicles.

2012 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester comes with standard AWD and a reasonable base price thereby making it great value for the money. The crossover car is a good choice for drivers likely to run into bad weather. It may not be the best compact SUV you could buy, however the standard AWD, roomy interiors, fun driving experience and low price make it quite an attractive choice for SUV shoppers concerned with budget. Although providing decent ratings on almost all fronts, the features that make it attractive for users are safety and a comfortable ride. The base model comes at around $20,000 and you can get many options.

Forester will be on the top of the list when you are looking for a compact or midsized SUV. The lower priced models are not armed with any high tech features but this issue is tackled in the higher end models. The Subaru is extremely popular among young and educated users. Surprisingly, even the high-income buyers buy this crossover car despite the budget pricing. The educated buyers, who are prudent with their money and are looking for some fun, love this car. The sporty handling and smooth ride is accentuated by improved fuel economy in the latest models. The only drawback could be the 4-speed automatic transmission. However, the Subaru Forester definitely looks the part.