Crossover SUV Comparison

A crossover SUV is the latest kind of utility vehicle and is a cross between a sports utility vehicle and a minivan. The crossover SUVs are also called CUVs or Crossover Utility Vehicles. These are fantastic family vehicles and have the added advantage of off-road ability. They can seat between 5 to 8 passengers. In order to make a crossover SUV comparison, select your favorite carmakers. Although most of the carmakers manufacture the crossover SUVs, some do not. Therefore, it would be wise to find the carmakers that do make them. After compiling a list of car manufacturers, go to the official website of the first on your list. You will find many makes and models of various vehicles made by the carmaker. Find out if a crossover SUV is among the vehicles. Perform this check for all makers on your list. In the end, you will have a final list, which can be the starting point for your crossover SUV comparison.

Next, look at all the crossover SUVs online carefully and note down the features and benefits associated with every vehicle on a separate paper. Here you would want to list the key features like: the number of passengers the crossover SUV is capable of carrying, whether it has a DVD player and CD player or a media center. Also jot down: the available colors of each vehicle, the power generated by the engine, fuel economy, cargo space available, selling price, presence of a luggage rack, interior and exterior styling. Eliminate the vehicles from your crossover SUV comparison, which do not possess the features you are looking for. For the remaining vehicles on the list, you will have to visit the car dealers where they are sold and take a test drive. It is critical to know before buying any vehicle whether you like driving it or not. Also, read the user reviews available on the internet and verify the test ratings. This proper crossover SUV comparison will allow you to make an accurate and educated decision on which crossover SUV you want to buy.

2012 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Santa Fe from Hyundai is a crossover SUV that one can use to make a crossover SUV comparison since it is similar in size to the Saturn Vue or Ford Escape, although it has a completely different feel. The other two vehicles are light in weight and are quick, but the Santa Fe is big, heavy and a little sluggish. In fact, it weighs more than 500 pounds more than the now discontinued Saturn Vue. The Santa Fe comes with a 2.7-lit V6 engine that creates 181 horsepower but even that is not sufficient, due to the massive weight. However, it is a solid vehicle and stands up well to any comparisons. The crossover comes with all Hyundai benefits like an exceptional warranty, great fuel economy and excellent value for the money. The warranty coverage matches that of Mitsubishi and Kia and is far better than the other makers. The Santa Fe comes with AWD and includes all the standard features associated with crossover SUVs.