SUV Crossover

Due to the rise in fuel prices and increasing worries over the effects of gas consumption on the environment, most car buyers are looking for environmentally friendly and economical vehicles. The conventional SUVs are neither economical nor environmentally friendly, so carmakers and users have been looking for alternatives for a very long time. The compact SUV crossovers are just what the doctor ordered and the automakers are jumping on the SUV crossover bandwagon. Most families look for many things while buying a new vehicle. Generally, the family’s needs include a large amount of room for seating several members, good handling and quality safety features including AWD. Fuel efficiency is another burning issue nowadays while buying new cars. These vehicles came to light in the mid-nineties and combined all these required features.

Because of the rising popularity of the vehicles, almost all car manufacturers have designed their versions of an SUV crossover. Now the buyers are spoiled for choice with a large number of makers offering an assortment of vehicles. The SUV crossovers, also called CUVs, have emerged as a strong alternative to the SUVs. Any pretence the CUVs had of having off-road capabilities have been shed and they have embraced the characteristics of a car, with the exception of styling, which remains similar to the SUVs. The CUVs allow the users all the comforts associated with cars along with the appearance of an off-road vehicle.

2012 Audi Q5

Audi Q5

If you can afford it, the Audi Q5 is worth every dollar you will spend on it. This upper-class luxury compact SUV crossover comes with leather seats, upscale technical features and wood inlays. It is an appealing vehicle for people desiring luxury. Parents can rest assured now that their families will be transported in style as well as comfort. The sliding rear seat allows the children sitting in the back seat to stretch their legs. The amazing power generated by the 2.0 lit 4-cylinder turbo-charged engine of the base model or the 3.2 lit 6-cylinder one in the upgrade has amazed everyone. It is fuel efficient as well, offering 20 mpg in city and 27 mpg on highways. The base model is available at about $36,000. The higher end models come with more alternatives such as a sunroof, heated front seats, a more powerful engine and a navigation system. Apart from offering a solid performance, the Q5 also looks beautiful.

The newer model of the Q5 has not seen many changes since the last one. However, the one notable change is an optional S Line plus Package on 6-cylinder higher models. The package includes black exterior trim, 20-inches wheels, black roof rails and a black grille, aluminum inlays and S line seats that come in embossed leather. Four models are available from Audi. All of them come with a standard AWD. You can also get automatic climate control suitable for three zones. The higher end models come with 3.2-lit V6 engines. The highest end model, the 3.2 Prestige comes with a thermo cup holder, a standard rearview camera, a 14-speaker audio system from Bang & Olufsen and a blind spot monitoring system.