SUV Crossovers

There are many facts you need to be aware of when you buy SUV crossovers. You want to be assured that some of the key features are present in the vehicle. These features are: having a standard package that comes with at least a five speed manual or automatic transmission, excellent power package, a quality anti-lock braking system, entertainment features such as DVD and CD players, tinted glasses for privacy, navigation system, availability of optional upgrades, and the ability to add as many features/options as possible. These vehicles generally come with good safety features but buy one that comes with a high safety score. Pick a lightweight crossover having sporty SUV appearance, but that drives more like a car.

Check the fuel economy and pricing combination and ensure that you check out the hybrid models as well. Generally, the SUV crossovers based on a car chassis will be lower in height, thereby closer to the ground while those with a truck chassis will be in a higher position but they are more difficult to maneuver. Select the crossover that weighs less. Make sure that it is lighter than the truck and has either AWD or 2-wheel-drive. The larger trucks come with 4WD. The crossovers will have tires for the road only, but the normal SUVs come with tires having off-road abilities. The SUV crossovers ride similar to a car and have other benefits. They are quite unlike other vehicles available in the auto market. You cannot call it a car nor a truck or a minivan and definitely not a normal SUV. The crossovers are a blend of the different segments mentioned above. Once you own an SUV crossover, it is tough to go back to a normal car, as many users will tell you. There are just too many advantages offered in them and buying one is like a transition from the car phase to completely new experience.

2011 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza

The Venza is a smooth and comfortable midsized SUV. It has become a popular vehicle among SUV buyers due to this. The main advantage is that it offers a ride similar to a car along with space like an SUV. Although the third row passenger seating is missing, there is plenty of space for passengers. These things make the Venza extremely attractive to families. The cargo space is decent and so is the fuel consumption. Apart from these, there are many standard features available with the SUV like a USB port and Bluetooth, making it a good value for the money. The interiors are also quite comfortable. The base model is priced around $26,000. However, the towing capability and off-road handling is not the same as that of an SUV.

2012 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

This vehicle continues to dazzle the users with a car-like ride, impressive standard equipment and many engine options. The fantastic handling of the Sorento and the decent price tag surprise everyone from reviewers to users. The Sorento is a standout among SUV crossovers due to some other excellent features such as great braking performance and excellent warranty coverage. The base model sells for around $21,000 and the Sorento is tough to beat in this price range.