What Is A Crossover?

The crossover vehicle segment is relatively new to the automobile market. Crossover vehicles are styled after SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) and are referred to as CUVs or Crossover Utility Vehicles. However, they are not built above a conventional SUV or truck chassis. Instead, they are built on a minivan or car platform and have stylish sloping bodylines. These CUVs, or crossovers have become extremely popular with modern car owners. As a result, several car manufacturers are making large numbers of them instead of the conventional SUVs. So what is a crossover vehicle? The term was used primarily for marketing purposes but now it has become a full-blown vehicle class. These vehicles have been built since the mid-nineties, however they were not labeled as crossover vehicles until the early 2000s. Although the sloping body design distinguishes the crossover vehicles, the term is used more because of them being SUV-styled vehicles, built on car a chassis. This is a more correct explanation of what a crossover is.

Crossovers are built with on a unibody chassis, just like cars. This is in contrast with the normal SUVs. The SUVs use the body on a frame design that is normally associated with truck chassis. This therefore relates the SUVs more with trucks than with cars. The crossovers generally come with FWD and they have a 4 or 6-cylinder, or V6 engine instead of the V8 found in the SUVs. The crossovers offer smooth rides and handling that is similar to cars. Another advantage with the crossovers is the overall body weight due to the uni-body construction. The lower weight improves the fuel mileage in comparison to the conventional SUVs. These vehicles also cost less since manufacturing the uni-body vehicle requires less adjustment of factory tooling than vehicles built with the body-on-a-frame type of construction.

This lower manufacturing cost of the vehicle is reflected in the MSRP of it, making it more cost-effective to the buyers. There are a few disadvantages associated with crossovers such as a lower towing capacity and the limited off-road abilities compared to the SUVs. This is due to the uni-body build. However, they are still immensely popular due to the constantly rising fuel costs. The vehicle manufacturers are increasingly concentrating on manufacturing crossovers due to their huge popularity.

2012 Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage

Kia is one of the car manufacturers doing well these days and one of their best products is the Kia Sportage. The Sportage is equipped with a twin scroll turbo charged, direct-injected, 2.0-lit 4-cylinder engine with six speed automatic transmission. The engine is capable of generating 260 hp and the crossover comes with AWD. This vehicle is for buyers looking for a stylish little crossover with all the standard features and an excellent safety ranking. The interiors of the vehicle are roomier than previous versions. The base model of the Sportage retails for approximately $18,000. It offers fuel mileage of 21 mpg in cities and 29 on highways. The exterior of the crossover is beautiful and it is considered to be the best of its segment.